Great Leaders Communicate Through Active Listening

  By far, the most common complaint I have come across in client firms for years now is “we have poor communication”.   How can this be when we are all constantly communicating? The truth is, what we are actually doing is continuing the practice of self-focused,...

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Who Focuses on What? Leader vs. Manager

In a previous post we discussed the Essence of the difference between Managers & Leaders. The next, in this 25-part series, looks at their differences in Focus. What is the difference between what a good Manager focuses on compared to a good Leader?   Managers focus...

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Leader vs. Manager: What’s the Difference?

Countless books, articles and arguments center around the difference between managers & leaders. Can a manager also be a leader & vice versa? What are the key traits? Born or learned? And the conversation goes on.   In this, the first in our 25 Leadership Qualities...

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9 keys to avoiding cash flow shortages

Virtually every business says they want to grow. And almost all firms have cash flow challenges from time-to-time. How can you accomplish both growth & solid cash flow management simultaneously? Be smart. Have a plan. Work your plan. Oh, and follow these 9 guidelines:...

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What really is Strategy?

Does every organization need a strategy? If you have a strategy what good is it? What should you be doing with your strategy? Why should you care? With so many people today throwing around the term strategy, are you sure what they mean? Strategy, for business...

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What lessons can we learn from the “Brexit”?

The business world is in complete panic mode over last week’s Brexit vote. In what many pundits called, “a complete surprise”, the UK referendum to leave the European Union (EU) was approved by a vote of 52/48%. But wait; there’s more! Within 72 hours of this vote to...

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What are your Stages of Growth?

Recently a reporter asked me 4 questions: 1) if organizations go through different stages of growth; 2) if so, what are they; 3) why it's important for business owners to understand where they are in these stages & 4) what they should do with this information. After...

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