Procurement Success Summit: Chair & Panel moderator
Advanced Planning Conference: Keynote on Strategic Thinking, Planning, Doing & Finance
Institute for Supply Management: Breakout session on: OnShoring, InSourcing, Nearshoring, RightSourcing, ReShoring, BackShoring?
Institute for Supply Management: Breakout session on Data Analysis for Better Decisions
CalCPA: Keynote on The Financial Education of a CEO
Latin American Finance Conference: Keynote on: Financial Analysis & Due Diligence
National Association of Surface Finishers: Keynotes on: 1) Successful Succession Planning & 2) Implementing the Best Exit Strategies
Supplier Excellence Alliance: Simulation on: Continuous Process Improvement
Worldwide Automotive Conference: Keynote on: Data Analysis for Better Decision-Making
Commercial Finance Conference:  Keynote on: Finding the Cash in the Cashflow Statement
Siena University (Italy): Master class on: Strategic Alliances in a Global Economy
Innovation Conference: Keynote on: The Cost of NOT Innovating

Upcoming Events

  • Transitioning to Management
    March 7-8, 2018
  • Transitioning to Management
    March 12-13, 2018
  • Advanced Financial Anaylsis & Modeling using Excel
    April 22-26, 2018
  • Financial Risk Anaylsis Techniques for Internal Audit
    April 29-30, 2018
  • Financial Data Analysis using Mathematical & Statistical Methods
    May 6-7, 2018
  • Financial Analysis & Feasibility Study
    May 8-9, 2018
  • The Art of Business Planning: Business Process Analysis, Mapping and Modelling
    May 15-16, 2018
  • Finance for the Supply Management Professional
    May 17-18, 2018
  • Advanced Financial Modeling and Business Analysis
    May 21-22, 2018
  • Advanced Financial Modeling and Business Analysis
    May 24-25, 2018