Strategic Planning: Can I Borrow Some Success?

Problem: A mid-sized alternative lender had no strategic plan or direction, no growth prospects, and its ability to survive was in doubt.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) facilitated this company developing a specific vision of where they wanted to go. From this position, we were able to assist them in creating their strategic plan which leveraged their resources, human and otherwise, and expanded their market position.
Results: The company developed $50,000,000 in new, profitable business, with higher margins, in the three years following our engagement.

Strategic Planning: Great Potential, Great Distribution Challenges.

Problem: A start up niche consumer products firm had a product line with excellent potential; the firm, however, did not know how to capitalize on all of their highly competitive distribution channels. As additional urgency, their limited equity capital would not survive a full industry onslaught.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) was instrumental in creating a phased roll out of the company’s product lines. This allowed for smaller capital investments at each stage and further reduced the risk associated with trying to penetrate all their channels (grocery, “big-box,” “specialty retailers,” and drug wholesalers) simultaneously.
Results: The firm successfully launched the entire product line and now enjoys national distribution and an excellent, sustainable reputation and margins.

Strategic Planning: Getting There From Here

Problem: A mid-sized escrow company discovered an opportunity in the marketplace that would allow them to rapidly expand through acquisition. Although they had a strategy to do so it was not working. They simply did not know how to execute their strategy.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) worked with the company to craft an implementation plan that would allow them to leverage their two best resources; very experienced escrow managers and strong banking relationships. We enabled and empowered the managers to develop specific tactics, training materials, training programs, process improvements and standardized processes that allowed for “win-win” acquisition. This gained the support of their banker, their staff and the target entities.
Results: Over two years, the company more than doubled its number of offices, achieved significant economies of scale and improved the effectiveness of its staff. Ultimately, the company tripled its bottom line over that same time period.

Contact Build It Backwards(SM) today and let our strategic planning services give your business the foundation to succeed well into the future.

Financial Modeling: Insurance Company Database

Problem: On a monthly basis, a large local insurance brokerage firm tediously reconciled all payments and commissions that were owed to them and that they owed. Between the dozens of insurance companies they represented, the hundreds of independent agents that worked with them, and the thousands of clients they serviced, the brokerage was overwhelmed. The Controller was spending most of his time creating tedious, repetitive reports and making sure the right report was sent to the right party without duplication and without excluding any parties. The process was neither efficient nor successful.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) met with the CEO and Controller to understand their business, their process, and their detailed needs. We then built and tested an initial model to determine the optimal functions, variables, and flexibility for the client. After several revisions to fully customize the initial product, the client was amazed at the model and how it could help increase efficiency and productivity.
Results: The Controller has been able to delegate almost 85% of the work involved with the monthly reports as the vast majority of the calculations and report compiling is automated in the model and now can concentrate on more important tasks. Between the reduced time to input data and the improved accuracy of the reports, the brokerage will save more than $80,000 annually and will continue to enjoy these cost reductions for the foreseeable future.

Financial Modeling: Oh No, It Doesn’t Work.

Problem: An investment banking firm was about to acquire two divisions of a publically traded firm for $120,000,000. One week before the closing, the financial model they spent months building did not work – they could not demonstrate to their two lenders that the deal would generate the cash and profits required to meet the payment schedule.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) worked with the CFO to examine the model and understand how he thought it should work. Then we traced and repaired the broken links, checked and corrected formulas, and then fully tested the model. We had to make sure it was accurate from both the lender’s point of view as well as the client’s. The model was functional and successful in less than 4 days.
Results: The transaction closed on time, thus saving the client $1,000,000 in penalties and tremendous investment losses had they forfeited the entire deal, as well as enabling all potential future earnings from the transaction.

Financial Modeling: But Which One Is Better?

Problem: An aircraft parts distributor wanted to acquire a major asset but could not decide between two seemingly compelling alternatives. Time was short and they needed to make the RIGHT decision because of the potential long-term financial impact on the firm. The situation also was complicated because the assets had different useful lifetimes.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) scrutinized all information on both alternatives, determined the superior scenario, developed case studies for presentation to the firm’s board of directors, and built a side-by-side comparative model to explain why one choice was financially superior for the firm.
Results: In less than one week we were able to demonstrate how to obtain the better alternative, why it was superior and ultimately saved the company $78,500 over the asset’s lifetime.

Contact Build It Backwards(SM) today and let our strategic planning services give your business the foundation to succeed well into the future.

Succession Planning: How Do We Divide the Baby?

Problem: The 2 partners of a 16-year-old engineering consulting firm were at an impasse. 1 wanted to retire while the other wanted to continue to build the firm.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) met with the 2 principals to assess their real “needs” & separate them from their “wants”. We facilitated creating their unique succession plan using our 7-step APCIMAIR™ process. As options were reviewed through this tool it became obvious their best future was through developing a couple of internal stars. This was so successful they asked us to also facilitate their first strategic plan.
Results: As they were implementing their first solid roadmap to the future, revenues increased 25% within 2 years, morale improved & the transition went exactly as planned. A real “win-win”.

Succession Planning: Ready or Not?

Problem: A 2nd generation manufacturing firm knew they needed to do something; but what? Sell, close, grow, change…?
Solution: After some initial discussions, Build It Backwards(SM) took them through our 20-question Readiness Survey to help them decide if succession was right for them. We worked with them through the process of discovery, discussion & decision until they decided succession was their best option.
Results: Their succession plan included grooming several senior (& 2 mid-level) managers for greater responsibility. This fresh eyes approach to leadership decisions lead to both growth for the long term and an easy transition our for the Principal.

Succession Planning: How Do We Divide the Baby?

Problem: The Board of Directors of a professional services firm was skeptical about the firm’s future direction & was exploring options to either sell or merge.
Solution: Build It Backwards(SM) was invited in to explore potential solutions to this dilemma. We proposed using a B.A.S.K.E.T. approach along with an anonymous online survey for the entire staff as a starting point. These were completed with everyones’ cooperation with 3 weeks.
Results: Through these 2 tools the Board realized the organization had all the Thinkers (Leaders) and Doers (Implementers) they needed to effectively grow into the future. We facilitated both their Succession and Implementation Plans to evolve this firm, diversify their leadership team, grow their customer base & set the course for long-term success.

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