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THE Book on…Business From A to Z: The 260 Most Important Answers You Need to Know; Daniel Feiman, et al; 2011; Build It Backwards Publishing; Los Angeles, California, USA; Amazon or Kindle


THE Book on…Improving Productivity by Fair Means or Foul; Tony Miller & Daniel Feiman; 2009; Build It Backwards Publishing; Los Angeles, California, USA; Amazon


How to Really Obtain Financing for Your Business; Daniel Feiman; 2004; Diversified Solutions & Finance Publishing; Los Angeles, California, USA


  • Articles:
    • “Banker: Ally vs. Adversary”
    • “Relationship vs. Transaction”
    • “How to Obtain Financing for a Small Business”
  • Authored a chapter on Obtaining Financing for a Small Business in Opening New Doors.
  • Authored a chapter in The Job Game: Playing to Win on Obtaining Financing for a Small Business.
  • Published the book, How to Really Obtain Financing for Your Business.
  • Quoted in:
    • American Banker: “Real estate lenders find it hard to adjust to a workout role.”
    • Los Angeles Times: “Work with your lender to make business work.”
  • Interviewed by Law Practice Management Review on “Your Banker Relationship & Lawyer/Banker Relationships” for published tape series.
  • Multiple television interviews
  • Co-authored whitepapers on Strategic Planning, Financial Modeling, and Process Improvement.


book-value-merchantsValue Merchants; BY JAMES C. ANDERSON, NIRMALYA KUMAR, AND JAMES A. NARUS; “Anderson, Kumar and Narus have written a pretty good book. However, before we get into its pros and cons, two caveats: first, this book is intended for… Read More >>

book-the-big-shortThe Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine; BY MICHAEL LEWIS.; “It’s laissez-faire until you get in deep shit.” This is how Michael Lewis ends his latest book, The Big Short. This pretty much sums up his feelings and how the book unfolds.  Read More >>

book-zilchZilch: The Power of Zero in Business; BY NANCY LUBLIN; “Have you ever picked up a book really expecting to totally love it? Then have you ever been just slightly less enthusiastic when you finished it?  Read More >>

book-the-orgThe Org: The Underlying Logic of the Office; by Ray Fisman, Tim Sullivan; Have you ever had a really great meal, yet the next day when someone asks you what you had, you can’t remember? And worse, you really aren’t sure why you even enjoyed the evening. Read Book Review >>

book-10-commandmentsThe 10 Commandments of Money; BY LIZ WESTON; “. . . And on the 11th Commandment, she rested. Pardon the mixed metaphor here, but Liz Weston’s new book, The 10 Commandments of Money, is simply jam packed with information, websites, names. Read more >>

book-empireEmpire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went from Street Corner to Corner Office; BY ZACK O’MALLEY GREENBURG; “I’m not a businessman—I’m a business, man” is the reoccurring theme of this book. Read more >>

book-blind-spotBlindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People; MaMahzarin R. Banaji, Anthony G. Greenwald; “The authors . . . ‘can show scientifically that people discriminate even when they don’t know they’re doing it. [They] just don’t know how to fix that.” Read Book Review >>

book-built-to-sellBuilt to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You; BY JOHN WARRILLOW; Do you remember plodding through Eliyahu Goldratt’s The Goal? It was a very good book, but… Read more >>

book-brand-thinkingBrand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits; BY DEBBIE MILLMAN; …is valuable primarily for those particularly interested in what the gurus of the branding industry have to say about where branding was in the past, where it is now, and the directions it could go.” Read more >>

book-one-clickOne Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of; BY RICHARD L. BRANDT; “. . . a keen intellect, a drive to succeed, and an innate stubbornness to the point of absurdity help. These are all signs of a born entrepreneur. . . . Read more >>

book-our-successThe Blame Game: How the Hidden Rules of Credit and Blame Determine Our Success or Failure BY BEN DATTNER; “We can all benefit from learning to be more strategic when it comes to credit . . .” Read more >>

book-so-goodSo Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love; by Cal Newport; “. . . had the potential . . .”This book should have been a 23-page booklet. Read Book Review >>

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  • Financial Analysis & Feasibility Study
    18-19 March, 2019
  • Financial Analysis & Feasibility Study
    21-22 March, 2019
  • Financial Data Analysis Using Mathematics & Statistical Methods
    25-26 March, 2019
  • Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for the Non-Finance Manager
    15-16 April, 2019
  • Leadership, Critical Thinking & Innovation: Igniting Creativity for Workplace Excellence
    17-18 April, 2019
  • Strategy Equals Success: Strategic Planning, Implementation, Communication & Measurement
    20-21 May, 2019
  • Financial Analysis & Feasibility Study
    23-24 May, 2019
  • Finance for the Supply Management Professional
    28-29 May, 2019
  • Mini MBA: Finance, Risk Management & Corporate Governance
    10-14 June, 2019
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics for Financial Professionals
    19-20 August, 2019
  • Achieving Best Practice in Accounts Payable & Receivable
    22-23 August, 2019
  • Procurement Success Summit 2019
    Co-Chair & Key note presentation on Leadership

    25-27 September, 2019
  • Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for the Non-Finance Manager
    22-23 October, 2019
  • Leadership, Critical Thinking & Innovation: Igniting Creativity for Workplace Excellence
    24-25 October, 2019


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