Process or Procedure?

The flavor of the week seems to be arguing over the difference between Process and Procedure. While some people may say they are effectively the same, they are most definitely not. A process is the what we do while the procedure is the how we do it. A process is a set...

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So which is it: Mergers or Acquisitions?

Don’t we always hear the terms together; Mergers AND Acquisition or M&A? But can it be both at the same time? If not, why does the term infer they are linked; as in one? As of this writing I am in San Francisco, co-facilitating the AMA’s course on, you guessed it,...

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Why Are Processes Like Your Home?

Once you move into your home and are settled that’s it; right? Well, not exactly. A little periodic maintenance is required. Dusting, vacuuming, moving furniture around; these are the basics. Then there is the painting, repairing the back stairs. Followed by upgrading...

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Cash is King; or Is It?

We’ve all heard it; Cash is King. But do we understand it? Is it really that simple? What does this actually mean? The first thing I learned as a young banker was this saying. I naively asked what it meant. I was told by my mentor it referred to two ideas; 1) having...

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Evolve or Die?

Peter Drucker quoted it, and some even think he originated it. Either way, the saying is true; every organization must Evolve or Die. Don’t think so? Remember Blockbuster; Wang; TWA; RCA; etc. All were once leaders in their respective fields and are now gone. Want to...

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What are your core competencies?

First of all, let’s define Core Competency. Core competencies are the combinations of knowledge, skill and technical abilities that allow a business to successfully compete in the marketplace. Understanding your core competencies allows you to invest in the strengths...

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So what really is Process Improvement?

A process is a sequence of steps to achieve a planned or desired outcome. Process Improvement (PI) is identifying, analyzing, challenging and improving existing business processes. The goal of PI is to stabilize the process to make sure each step is documented to be...

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