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“… The quality of his work is excellent, he is committed to the satisfaction of his clients…”
– Stan Stahl, President, Citadel Information Group

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Strategy is a term that comes from the Greek strategia, meaning “generalship.” Thus, strategy refers to the use of resources. Strategy is the way a company achieves its goals through leveraging its Vision, Mission, Values and Actions.

We teach you how to create your unique Vision (the difference the organization makes in the world). Mission (how you achieve your Vision) and Goals (the measurable objectives you set). The implementation of your Strategies (long-term) and Tactics (short-term), is how the plan is achieved.


Our unique process gives you a proven structure to work with while allowing the flexibility your particular organization requires.

What Strategic Services Do We Provide?

Strategic Assessment:

An objective report on where the business is today from the perspective of operations, finance, leadership, culture, marketing, customers, employees, resources, etc. Actionable recommendations are included.

Strategic Planning:

Our unique process to facilitate why the organization exists, what it wants to accomplish; how it will get there, what actions it will take and by when. When completed, the plan is ready to be implemented, measured and adjusted to assure you meet, or exceed, your horizon.

Strategic Implementation

Is our facilitations with your team to fulfill your strategic plan. The result is more sustainable success for you.


Leadership is determined by actions; not titles. Excellent leaders create an environment where everyone can succeed. They teach, they encourage and they influence behavior. Effective leadership creates positive change by inspiring and motivating others.


Really good leaders create an environment where colleagues love their work and strive to perform at their highest capability. But are Leaders born or made? Leadership is primarily a learned skill; everyone can develop leadership skills over time; with the proper guidance.


At Build It Backwards(SM), we teach you what an effective leader is; how to become one & how to leverage your greatest assets: your people for a win-win result.

What Leadership Services Do We Provide?

Leadership Style Assessment:

Do you know what your Leadership Style is? Do you have only one? How can you recognize it & use it to everyone’s benefit? What do you need to look out for? Here are the answers.

Leadership vs. Manager - Compare & Contrast

Every leader is a manager (to some degree) but not every manager is a leader. Learn to differentiate the key differences between Leaders & Managers. Use this knowledge to focus your efforts for better results while mentoring your managers.

Leadership Coaching:

Learn to recognize your leadership strengths (to leverage them) & weaknesses (to improve upon them). Use this knowledge to take your organization to the next level in measurable ways.


Finance is one of the most important elements of every business’s success. Where your organization has been and where it can go, financially, is critical to understand. This leads to making better decisions for better results.

What Finance Services Do We Provide?

Financial Modeling:

(of the future) via fully customized, client-specific interactive tools that help make optimal decisions for the business. With these tools, adjustments can be made to input assumptions to instantly see results and thus anticipate the full range of potential outcomes for almost every possible set of circumstances.

Financial Analysis:

(of the past) using industry-specific and client-driven benchmarks and metrics, we deliver a comprehensive report with clear explanations so the information is immediately usable for understanding where the business was, and is, as a step toward planning the future and better decision making.

Financial Tools:

(to use) templates have been created for your use across a variety of needs to improve your effectiveness & efficiency.

S.T.E.P. (Succession, Transition & Exit Planning)


Planning to successfully grow into the future? In addition to a strategic plan, you need the leaders in your organization to execute the plan. How are you going to identify, critique, and develop them?

Our proprietary Succession planning model is the best tool for succeeding at this challenge.


So you have built your strategic & succession plans and things are going well. You have decided it is time to plan the next phase of your life. Have you consulted your Advisory Team? Your Family & Friends? Have you set your personal, financial & business goals? Do you have a Transition plan?

The answers to these & more are included in our Transition planning tool.

Exit Planning

You’ve successfully developed & implemented your strategic, succession & transition plans. Congratulations. Now you’re ready to prepare for & complete your Exit from the organization. What is your exit plan? Have you built your exit team? Do you have the right experts on your team to minimize your taxes & maximize what you keep?

Our Exit Planning approach includes all of this & more.


“Extremely brilliant.” - Manager Planning, Pepsico India

"Daniel did a phenomenal job.  All of the feedback received was super positive.” – John Meiers, Global Procurement ~ Procure-to-Pay Manager, DST Systems

“Through Daniel Feiman’s instruction, we have made significant strides toward the culture of continuous process improvement. The progress is significant." - Roy Conner, Program Manager, GENTEX Respiratory Products

“As always, Daniel’s perspective & ability to look at complex problems as manageable steps to be mapped out & executed is appreciated & worth the listen. Thank you, Daniel.” – Patrick Conner, MBA, PMP; Director of Sales and Marketing, Precision Castparts Corporation, Shur-Lok Products

“The 3 day Strategic Planning Workshop lead by Mr. Daniel Feiman was instrumental in developing and aligning our corporate vision and short, medium, and long term goals. Mr. Feiman’s background and knowledge in the subject matter were exceptional and his guidance has been the springboard for our “business transformation” as we continue to manage our growth. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Feiman in support of this initiative.”
- Robert McCay, CEO, GENTEX© Respiratory Products

“… The quality of his work is excellent, he is committed to the satisfaction of his clients…”
- Stan Stahl, Ph.D., President, Citadel Information Group


“Thank you! You have supplied Silverwood with a lot of good stuff that has and will continue to keep us a very well-run operation.  Thanks again.” - Steve Lancaster, President, Silverwood Landscape


“Daniel is very adept at developing “user-friendly” quantitative financial models enabling his client to crystallize their long-range plans with supportable financial analysis.” 

- Danny Piper, Mergers and Acquisitions Principal at NewCap Partners Inc.


“Daniel took our Strategic Planning efforts to a new level. With Daniel’s guidance, we established our metrics, identified our strengths, and set stretch goals while and still got the much needed ‘buy-in’ from key managers.” - Larry McAdams, CEO, Schrillo Company, Inc.


“Daniel brought a strong financial background and a very analytical mind to the projects we worked on. His input in content and strategy were thorough, insightful, and exactly adapted to the audiences for which they were intended.” - Gene Siciliano, President at Western Management Associates – Your CFO for Rent


“Daniel’s seminar was an amazing learning experience. He took our “Agents” from aggressive collectors to more customer-centric “Account Representatives”. Our properties now enjoy our monthly calls and look forward to us helping resolve any and all problems. The properties and reps now work as a team which resulted in our going from dismal aging percentages to a last-month high of 90% current.” - Frances C. Foster, Director Credit and Business Office, Hilton Hotels Corporation World Headquarters

"Wow, our Processes are really coming together” - Operations Manager, TSI Plastics 

“Beyond skills and knowledge, Daniel has high levels of integrity and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend him.” - Tim Schmidt, Vice President at eBid Systems


“Daniel has provided me with business consulting and coaching advice since I first became a mediator. His practical insights and deep expertise have been invaluable to me every step of the way.” - Jeff Kichaven; Principal Mediator at Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation


“I have known and contracted with Daniel for the past 7-8 years and have found him to a consummate professional with my clients. He is an expert in his field and has produced positive results in each and every instance. He is extremely intelligent and has a superlative command of financial and business issues. He is a senior player and works wonderfully with senior leadership and has global experience. I recommend him without any hesitation whatsoever. - Barry Neighbors, Nationally Recognized, Aerospace & Defense Supplier Marketing & Sales Authority Expert


“Thank you for the strategic planning program you provided for W Machine Works. Our team is very confident about the direction of the company after engaging your services. In addition to being informative, the entire session was entertaining and the time moved quickly. I look forward to working with you again in the future — I know W Machine Works is a better company as a result of our involvement with you.” - Marzel Nechien, President, W Machine Works

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